As Sand Hill is truly ‘partnered’ with all of its clients, each relies on us for most or all of their staffing needs. We know their VCs, history, products, growth plans, the key team members’ bios and most importantly, why they are poised for success. Given our knowledge of, and experience with, each client, you are armed with this information as well. We don’t just send you a ‘req’…we give you the complete story. Sand Hill is expected to be proactive in building out our clients’ teams. As we help these ventures grow, we scout out for those talented individuals whom we believe our clients ‘must’ meet – req or no req. Since we are intimately aware of their current and future hires, this gives you the advantage over others who only ‘think’ they know what a company is searching for, as most openings are never posted on their websites. Many times a client has not budgeted for a position until a ‘must have’ is presented to them by us. Sand Hill’s reputation for placing these ‘opportunistic hires’ is unmatched in the Valley. So as you view our Client list and wish to explore a role with any of them, let us know …we will discover if there is a need, now or in the near future.

You will always work with experienced search professionals who are discreet and protect your privacy at all times. Our relationship with you is completely confidential.

Resume Control
Given this valued partnership with our clients, we owe it to them to only present talented, top tier people who have expressed interest in the position, the company, the business plan and vision. Therefore, you will only be presented after you approve of the company and position.

Since ‘first impressions can only be made once’, we help to ensure that the resume you present highlight those skills which are most relevant to the role for which you are interviewing. Additionally, we don’t just ‘send your resume’. We articulate to the hiring manager your current situation, why you wish to interview, what things challenge and drive you, circumstances under which you excel, and finally, your short-term and long-term career goals. These critical points help to ensure that an interview is merited - up front.

Prompt Feedback
Because of all of this preparation, it is very likely that those you interview with will be interested in exploring things further. With this in mind, we expect constructive prompt client feedback, and arrange next steps quickly and efficiently. If, by chance, there is a reason that a company wants to halt the process, we provide you with their reasoning. We insist on honest feedback from our both our clients and our candidates; we do not believe in putting candidates ‘on hold’ (a euphemism for ‘pass’).

You deserve to get a fair and competitive offer; one that represents your value to the company, while taking into account the current market conditions. We feel that negotiating your package is one of our most valuable services. A third party which represents your best interests ensures that any offer negotiated, extended and ultimately accepted, guarantees that this is a time of celebration where both parties are pleased and excited to start working together.

If you are good at what you do and have a stable and successful track record (which is exactly the profile of those we represent), you probably do not have a great deal of experience tendering your resignation. We coach you through this stressful time and act as your ally, providing step by step guidance throughout the resignation process.

Your relationship with Sand Hill does not end when you begin your new position. We are always an email or an instant message away to give you guidance or just lend an ear, when asked. As you can see from our bios, we’ve been in the Silicon Valley startup world for a very long time. Many of our candidates become our clients. We approach each relationship with the thought of getting to know and work with you throughout your career, whether you take a position through us now or in the future, or perhaps never…perhaps only seeking our career advice and guidance, given our considerable expertise in helping numerous individuals attain their professional goals.


Sand Hill has partnered with jobmagic to allow our candidates to view at a glance current open searches. However, most times we are conducting searches that are not 'public' yet for either our current clients or those still in stealth mode, therefore not as yet listed on our website. Additionally, given our strong partnerships with each of our clients, they rely on us to know their future hiring plans and to contact them about candidates for upcoming openings BEFORE a requisition is even written up. Finally, our clients know that we keep an eye out for those talented individuals whom they simply 'must meet' and have on their team.

So view our Client list and the areas of the market we focus on. If you feel Sand Hill represents the types of companies you are interested in exploring, send us an inquiry and your resume and any information you'd like us to know up front. Together, we can then make selected, appropriate introductions...perhaps even one still in stealth or quiet mode which we are in midst of building from the ground up but have not made public knowledge yet.

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