• Develop hiring/personnel plans with CEOs, VPEs, etc.
  » Whether you’re building your new venture from scratch or are going through a hiring spike,
determine which roles and skill sets are essential to bring on now as well when to bring on
future key hires as your company grows
• Develop a formal hiring process and interview guidelines
  » Who on the existing team should be involved in the interview process for each type of
» Who should each person be focusing on with these candidates?
» What kinds of questions are appropriate for each position, each candidate? Who should be in
‘sell’ mode with a candidate and who should be in ‘buy’?
» Do all interviewers need to come to a consensus agreement?
• Develop formal compensation and stock option grant guidelines
» What are the “going rates” for various roles given their levels of seniority and responsibilities
– salaries, bonus structures and equity grants.
» How much stock is appropriate at each “tier” of risk?
• Assess strengths and weaknesses of existing teams or a specific member of your team
• Assess senior or executive level technical candidates and advise non-technical CEOs in their
selection of engineering team leaders
• Perform ‘blind’ reference checks
• Write position profiles that are compelling, realistic, and specific

• And more…
Most of our startup consulting services are “fixed price,” but we also offer management consulting services at daily, weekly or monthly rates. Contact us for more information.

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