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Why use Sandhill - Overview

As Sand Hill is truly ‘partnered’ with all of its clients, each relies on us for most or all of their staffing needs. We know their VCs, history, products, growth plans, the key team members’ bios and most importantly, why they are poised for success. Given our knowledge of, and experience with, each client, you are armed with this information as well. We don’t just send you a ‘req’…we give you the complete story. Sand Hill is expected to be proactive in building out our clients’ teams. As we help these ventures grow, we scout out for those talented individuals whom we believe our clients ‘must’ meet – req or no req. Since we are intimately aware of their current and future hires, this gives you the advantage over others who only ‘think’ they know what a company is searching for, as most openings are never posted on their websites. Many times a client has not budgeted for a position until a ‘must have’ is presented to them by us. Sand Hill’s reputation for placing these ‘opportunistic hires’ is unmatched in the Valley. So as you view our Client list and wish to explore a role with any of them, let us know …we will discover if there is a need, now or in the near future.

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